Recognizing Rescuers: Kathryn Segura

Becky Altringer wrote to honor Kathryn Segura of Pet Detectives and Rescue Fund:

I would like to publicly thank Kathryn Segura for her time, compassion, and wisdom that she provides to Pet Detectives and Rescue Fund.  Kathryn is always willing to pitch in to help and she gets the job done right the first time.  Kathryn has provided tremendous support and experience for the past six months, which has helped the growth for our new foundation and helped us in our fight to stop animal abuse.

Kathryn is our Vice President and a good example of her helping was there was a case where a pit bull mix was chained up to a bar on the window. The chain was approximately three feet and the dog could hardly move, he had no shelter and little food and water. Kathryn stayed in touch with animal services everyday until they finally took the dog.

We were then able to find the dog a permanent home where the dog lives with three children who love her, she lives in doors and is spoiled. There are many other cases which Kathryn has been the one to keep me calm while she followed the law where I wanted to just barge in and do the wrong thing. Kathryn has been there to teach me the right way to deal with these cases since I am used to dealing with people in a different manner.

Kathryn’s love for animals and a sense of right and wrong as made our cases successful and on the right path.