Rescue SPOTlight: Legacy Boxer Rescue

Today’s Rescue SPOTlight shines on Legacy Boxer Rescue. LBR was one of the key contributors for Lost Souls: FOUND! Inspiring Stories about Boxers and is now assisting us with the development of a rescue best practices manual.

Legacy Boxer Rescue

Legacy Mission: For every life there is a legacy. In many instances the legacy passed down is not as it should be and requires help from caring souls to be fulfilled. It is our belief that all Boxers should have a legacy befitting of their wonderful enthusiasm and love of life, but sadly, this isn’t always the case.

We, the founder and volunteers of Legacy Boxer Rescue, have made it our mission to seek out these Boxers and create a legacy they deserve, a loving family and home of their own.

We firmly believe that a Boxer’s future should never be uncertain, so we will help to create better, happier legacies for them; one Boxer at a time.

A legacy that replaces despair with hope, sorrow with happiness, fear with security, and pain with love.

  • ·Date founded: March 18, 2004
  • ·Types of animals you take in: Boxer Dogs
  • ·Size of Rescue (Small=less than 50 animals, Mid=51-200 animals, Large=201+ animals): Large
  • ·Your name: Sharon Sleighter
  • ·Your position in the rescue: President
  • ·How long you’ve been with the rescue: Founder
  • ·What you like best about animal rescue: Seeing a boxers spirit return; it’s an amazing thing. 🙂
  • ·What you think is hardest about animal rescue: Not being able to help them all.
  • ·Share one quick story about a rescue experience:

In November of 2004, LBR was a mere eight months old, and the financial aspect was not looking good for us. We were struggling to maintain enough money to pay the bills, and while we were very determined, we simply didn’t have the means to fundraise being so new. We had a small volunteer base and an even smaller support base.

Then fate struck in the name of a dog named Nemo, whom LBR needed as badly as he needed LBR.

One cold night just before Thanksgiving that year, we received an email from a shelter contact. The subject line read “ISO: BOXER RESCUE. MALE BOXER, WORST CASE OF MANGE EVER!!!”

There were no pictures. There was just that headline and a smaller note that said he would be euthanized that evening if no one stepped forward to take him. LBR raised our paw to help him and the wheels started turning. LBR’s version of “Finding Nemo” was on.

I sent Kristy to the shelter to get him, and told her I would meet her at the clinic. She called me after picking him up, sobbing. She said, “It’s awful. He’s an adult dog with no hair at all, and his skin cracks and bleeds when you touch him.”

She was afraid he was going to die in her car before she arrived. Needless to say, he didn’t die on the way, but nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to see when I walked into the clinic that night. This poor animal was skin and bones and just a bloody, infected mess from head to the tip of his long, natural tail. No spark in his eyes; no wag in his tail. Just sadness.

We considered, briefly, euthanizing him, as he had to be just miserable, but then I said to everyone in the room, “This is mange. We can fix this, and this is the worst he will ever feel from this moment on. Starting today, it’s all uphill.” We posted pictures of Nemo on our website, and the outpouring of care and support was almost overwhelming. In 24 hours we raised over $4,000.00 for Nemo, and if you know mange, well, it simply isn’t that costly to treat, so those donations helped us to help others like Nemo.

Nemo truly saved LBR as much as LBR saved Nemo. Nemo’s foster parents ended up adopting him after his ordeal, and he blossomed into a very handsome boxer. Though his scars were always apparent on the surface, his parents made sure they didn’t go any deeper. He enjoyed whipped cream from the spray can for treats and gave them several years of loyalty and love. Nemo, sadly, passed away in 2009 from lymphoma, but he will never be forgotten here at LBR.