Rescue SPOTlight: Mile High Weimaraner Rescue

Today’s SPOTlight is on Mile High Weimaraner Rescue of Colorado, an organization participating in the creation of Up For Pups’ Rescue Best Practices Manual.

  • Mission: We are an all-volunteer, non-profit rescue dedicated to the welfare of the Weimaraner breed. We take in Weimaraners that have been abandoned, surrendered, neglected or abused, place them in foster homes where they are given love, healthy diet, training, and rehabilitation to help them prepare for placement in a forever home.
  • Date founded: 2000
  • Types of animals you take in: Weimaraner and Weimaraner-mixes
  • Size of Rescue (Small=less than 50 animals, Mid=51-200 animals, Large=201+ animals):Mid
  • Your name: Shereen Raucci
  • Your position in the rescue: Foster Mom, Event Coordinator and Committee Member
  • How long you’ve been with the rescue: 1+ years
  • What you like best about animal rescue: the love each foster dog shares with me, the privilege of earning their trust after a hard past, and knowing that I get to be a part of choosing their forever family
  • What you think is hardest about animal rescue: the realization that so many people think of dogs as “things” rather than loved ones and family members; hearing the horrid stories of abuse & neglect that these poor babes are made to endure before being rescued, and not being able to save them all.
  • Share one quick story about a rescue experience: The day I met Angel will forever be etched in my mind and Angel will forever be in my heart. I slowly approached the blue Weim crouched in the corner of the kennel, she was shaking in fear. I sat down nearby & she soon came to me & rested her head in my lap. I took Angel home with me then. She was my very first Weim foster, glued to my side, she trusted only me to protect her. Angel was a Mill dog that apparently knew no kindness in her past, she had scars from head to toe but a heart of gold. Weeks later, we learned Angel was pregnant. She delivered 4 healthy puppies via emergency c-section at CSU. Angel was a sweet, attentive, very loving mama but 9 days later she began to bleed uncontrollably. Covered in blood we ran red lights and stop signs to get to CSU, with her 4 angel babies wrapped in soft blankets in a box close to her. Angel survived emergency surgery and I was told I could come back to pick her up the next morning. At 3 a.m. I received the dreaded call that she had passed suddenly. My dear sweet Angel left behind 4 precious 10 day old Weim puppies. The rescue pulled together & moved the puppies to another foster home that had a lactating Weim foster….there Angels puppies thrived, in honor of their mama. Angel’s ashes are buried in the Memory Garden at my home, alongside her foster sister, Meg. Each morning we wander by and say good morning, knowing she is always close. Each of her puppies were named after Angels and are healthy, happy and well loved, and have their very own guardian Angel.